What is Blog Surf?

Written content on the internet is trapped behind walled gardens and algorithmic feeds. The web has a wealth of knowledge, but we don't even have a way to tell what's out there anymore.

We wanted to find all the blogs that talked about the American Revolution. Google told us they had 148,000,000 results, but only showed us 410. Half of those had nothing to do with the American Revolution, some were from the same website, and not all of them were even blogs. What is going on here? (dkb.io/posts/organize-the-world-information)

This is an attempt to organize all of the personal blogs on the internet, and make them accessible and useful.

What kinds of blogs are on here?

Only personal blogs are indexed. Corporations, large publications, and SEO spammers are already featured prominently in algorithmic feeds and search results, so there is curently no need to index them.

History Of Organizing Blogs

This is far from the first attempt to organize blogs on the internet. This is what the directories and portals did in the early days of the web. One by one the directories all vanished and got replaced by Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Does the death of the directories prove that this kind of project is destined to fail?

Beyond the classic directories, there was Technorati, a search engine for blogs and a blog directory. It seemed to be going well, until it wasn't. There was Million Short who wanted to make the less popular sites on the web more accessible by removing the top million sites from search engine results. It sounded like an interesting an idea, and some people seemed to like it and find it useful. And then they did a Forbes article to talk about how they were disrupting google, right before vanishing with no explanation.

These days, for developers at least, we have github repos where people can contribute blogs to a shared list. That works too, except that these are small side projects and the maintainers don't have much time to spend on them, so they get abandoned even when they're relatively popular.


With such a history of failure, perhaps this project is a lost cause entirely. However, I think it's at least worth a try.


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