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Your mental model when searching for X should be “I want to see the best essays on X”.

Blog Surf only indexes personal blogs and newsletters. The vast majority of blogs are a single individual writing. There are no large media publications.

Explore any topic

You can find the most popular blog posts on any topic you’re interested in by searching for the relevant keywords.

One thing that I’ve been interested in recently is “inflation”.

The blogs you find can be good jumping off points to discover even more cool things. Blog Surf is only the beginning of the rabbit hole.

Use the reading time dropdown to specify whether you want shorter articles or more long-form articles about that topic.


You can get someone’s biographical information by searching on Google. If you want interesting essays that talk about that person, you can search for them on Blog Surf.

For example, search “Peter Thiel” and you’ll find a few essays about different aspects of him and his ideas.


Instead of perusing the goodreads review section, search for the book on Blog Surf.

For example, search for “The Scout Mindset” to find some high quality reviews/summaries.

Improve your writing

If you’re a blogger yourself, and want to understand what kinds of posts gain popularity and success, then search for whatever topic you write about, and you can read and study the best posts on that topic.

The possibilities are endless

There are undoubtedly many more ways you can use this website, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.